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Popular Apple Varieties

Ripening times will vary with location within Maine and from year to year and can largely depend on personal preference for stage of ripeness.  The picking dates listed are generally when each variety is ripe.  For those of you who prefer a "green" or under ripe apple, try a picking date one or two weeks earlier.


Picking a Cortland apple

Great multipurpose apple. Picking dates: late September to mid October.

Empire apples

From a cross of McIntosh and Delicious. Mildly tart-sweet.  Excellent for snacks and cooking. Ripens in October.


Fortune apple

Bred from Schohare Spy and Empire in New York.  Great for eating and in pies.  Ripens in mid October.


Honeycrisp apples

Originated in Minnesota in 1961. Very crisp and juicy. Picking dates: mid September to early October


Gala apple

From New Zealand from a cross of Golden Delcious and Kidd's Orange Red.  Great for snacking.  Ripens in mid September.


Gingergold apple

Found as a chance seedling in Virginia.  Great for eating fresh.  Ripens in late August.


Jerseymac apples

Jersey Mac
Originated in New Jersey from a cross between July Red and an unnamed apple selection.  Tart Flavor. Ripens in mid August.


Jonagold apple

From a cross of Jonathan and Golden Delicious in 1943.  Great for eating fresh.  Ripens in mid October.


McIntosh apples

Slightly tart; a very aromatic apple. Picking dates: mid September to mid October


Macoun apple

Highly regarded in northeast for flavor. Excellent for snacks. Picking dates: early to late October


Northern Spy apple

Northern Spy
Originated in NY around 1800 of unkown parentage.  Tart flavor. Great for eating fresh or in pies. Ripens in late October.



Originated as a chance seedling in Michigan. Tart flavor, good for eating fresh. Ripens in late August.


 Additional Apple Varieties

Apple Variety Descriptions