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Additional Apple Varieties


Originated in Europe, possibly Sweden. Great for eating fresh and in pies. Ripens in August.



Originated in Massachusetts around 1750 and was once a leading variety in New England.  Ripens in mid October.


Black Oxford

Black Oxford
Originated in Oxford County, Maine around 1790.  Balanced flavor and firm flesh.  Ripens in late October.


Blue Pearmain

Blue Pearmain
Orginated in the United States around 200 years ago. Mild flavor and course texture. 



Originated in 1934 from a cross between McIntosh and Golden Delicious, at the University of Maine. Balanced flavor makes it great for eating and pies. Ripens in mid October.



Chenango Strawberry
Dates back to the 1850's. Named for the shape if its fruit. Aromatic. Ripens in September.



Duchess of Oldenburg
Originally from Russia, now grown in Maine for its winter  hardiness. Tart flavor. Great in pies.  Ripens in late August.



Grown in Europe since the 1600's. Parentage is unknown. Tart flavor. Great in pies. Ripens in early September. 


Lady Apples

Possibly originating in France hundreds of years ago. Was once popular during the holidays in the Northeast.  Fruit have an attractive appearance, but small size. Delicate flavor.



Originated in Japan from a cross between Golden Delicious and Indo. Flavorful, making it popular for eating fresh.



Thought to originate in New Hampshire in the 1850's. Sweet flavor. Good for eating and in cider. Ripens in October.



Originated in British Columbia from a cross between McIntosh and Delicious. Good for eating fresh. Ripens in mid October.


Snow Apple

 Snow (Fameuse)
An old variety with unknown origin. Believed to be one of the parents of McIntosh. Good for eating fresh.  Ripens in early October.


Wolf River

Wolf River
Originated near the Wolf River in Wisconsin in the 1800's. Good for eating fresh and in pies. Ripens in September.


Winter Banana

Winter Banana
Originated in Indiana around 1870. Mild flavor, great for eating fresh. Ripens in late September



Originated at the University of Minnesota from a cross between State Fair and unnamed apple selection, MN 1961.  Great for eating fresh.  Ripens in early September.



 To learn more about the many apple varieties grown in Maine, visit an apple orchard this fall.

  Locate an apple orchard. 

Great Maine Apple Day is a festival in October that celebrates the apple harvest and the many apple varieties grown in Maine's orchards.